1. e-Manifest Changes for Generators

    EPA's e-manifest launch is less than two weeks away. How do these changes affect you? What specific actions must you take before and after the June 30th deadline? The June 30th launch date is just around the corner. While the Treatment Sites are the entities that must implement specific changes begi…Read More

  2. EPA e-Manifests Launches June 30th of 2018

    EPA launches the nation-wide electronic manifest system (e-Manifest) on June 30, 2018. The system is intended to modernize the nation’s cradle-to-grave hazardous waste tracking process. HTS Environmental is preparing for a smooth transition and full compliance …Read More

  3. Has Your EPA ID Number Been Inactivated?

    Did you know, our Technical Team routinely monitors the status of your EPA ID number to ensure that you are not unknowingly transporting hazardous waste on an inactive EPA ID number? This is just one of the ways that we support your compliance obligations.   How could this happen? To maintain a…Read More